Nucleus not powering up. How do I get a RMA for out of warrany repair?


Roon Core Machine

My 4 year old Nucleus will not power up. I checked the power supply, 19V as it should be. I bought the unit new, directly from Roon if I remember correctly. I also reset the internal battery. How can I get it serviced?

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I assume you purchased it direct from Roon? If so, then someone from the Support team will respond here with the details.

If you bought it from a dealer, then you should return it to the dealer who will arrange the repair.

Since it is out of warranty, there will be costs involved with either route, I’m afraid.

No response from support. I did buy it from Roon. Just need to get a RMA

@support would have been waiting for you to confirm that you did purchase the Nucleus from Roon. Now that you have done so, they will be in touch with you to arrange the RMA.

Hi Donald,

I’m sorry for your trouble. Let’s get the process started to get you back in business. I will send you a private message with the details you need!


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