Nucleus not recognizing external hard drive

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11
External hard drive attached via USB.

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Used to work fine but now not “seen”. When I try to add a folder the Browse screen comes back blank.

Have reinstalled Roon, rebooted Nucleus, unplugged drive and replugged. Checked drive on computer and it’s fine.

I see others have had this issue by no consistent answer appears

NTFS formatted probably – did you properly eject the drive(s) on Windows? Read also:

I did that and the disk is fine. Safe ejected.

I rebooted Nucleus with it plugged in but no luck. Browse still does not see the hard disk.

Hey @Dave_Griffith,

Following up on this thread, are you still running into issues with getting your drive recognized on your nucleus?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Ben. I’m messaging you directly because a reply to your note came back undeliverable.

Yes, it’s still an issue. I’m thinking there are two possibilities one with my network and the other with the Nucleus. When I click “browse” in Roon storage, the screen comes back blank. But I know I’m on the network because I can play music that on my internal storage. And when I go to Network in Windows settings, the Nucleus doesn’t show. So maybe it’s communication between the two. The Nucleus is hard wired to my router and both lights flash.

So either my network or the Nucleus isn’t playing nice with the other. Does that sound like it to you? If so, I’m at a loss as how to fix it.

Thanks much for following up,

Hey @Dave_Griffith,

Are you referring to the home page under ‘Browse’? Or, are you referring to your Roon settings > Storage?

Overall, it sounds like your issue has shifted a bit. Are you no longer having issues with you external drive?

Are you able to connect to your Nucleus from your windows remote when you open up the Roon app?

You’re very intuitive! After my last email I swapped out the drive for a new one and yes, the brand new one was recognized. However, Nucleus still doesn’t show up on my network. If you know a possible solution, great.

Hey @Dave_Griffith,

We’ll need more information around your network setup in this case. How is your Nucleus connected to your router? As well as your Windows 11 remote - how is that connected to your router/network?

When in doubt, power cycling both your router and core is a great thing to test first.

I have the same issue. I use a Mac so unable to go to a windows machine. Extremely frustrating as I have lost all my music and now ARC doesn’t work.

@Michael_Thomas, please open a new #support thread. Thank you.

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