Nucleus not reconnecting to home network after vacation (ref#TGEP3N)

Is Roon Server running?

· No, Roon Server is not running.

For Roon connectivity to work properly, both Roon Server and Roon Remote need to be turned on.

· Roon Server is on, but I'm still having trouble connecting.

What do you see on your screen?

· "Looking for your Roon Server"

Please try to restart your Roon Server by closing the Roon app in the taskbar or rebooting your Roon Server machine.

· No, the issue remains the same

Please try to restart your network setup by unplugging, waiting 30 seconds and then replugging in your networking gear.

· No, the issue remains the same

Please select how you've connected your Roon Server to the internet

· Roon Server is connected by *Ethernet*

Have you checked your firewall settings to ensure that Roon is allowed through?

· Roon still won't connect even after checking this aspect

Have you verified that Roon Server is on the same subnet as your Remotes?

· My Remotes and Server are on the same subnet and I still can't connect

Sometimes the issues can be resolved with a reinstall of your Roon Remote app. Let's try to perform a reinstall and see if it helps.

· I've reinstalled the Roon Remote but it did not help

What is the operating system of your Roon Server host machine?

· *Nucleus*

Select any of the following components that are present in your local network setup

· None of the above

Describe the issue

I went on a 7 day vacation (June 26 - July 3) and powered down my network. When I returned my Nucleus would not connect back to my home network. AT&T Smart Home Manager shows Nucleus as offline. I have cycled it and my router many times with no luck.

Describe your network setup

AT&T BGW210 / Nucleus+

If you attach a monitor can you post a screen pic

Thank you for your reply, monitor was attached, but is not displaying any information. Power button is blue and link lights flickering from NIC only.

Hey @Kevin_Sullivan1,

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