Nucleus+ not responding and cannot be found (ref#YRNWOW)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev B

Description of Issue

The nucleus won’t respond. It can’t be found. I’ve typed in the IP address etc. I’ve tried to reboot it numerous times as well as plugged an HDMI into a TV and I don’t get any response or picture. it has worked fall Leslie for over a year and was purchased from an authorized dealer. Shelly‘s Audio in Southern California. Please help as this is extremely frustrating. I have three very high-end systems that I use the root nucleus to integrate with. if there is anyway someone can call me. I would be so unbelievably appreciative (Personal number removed by Moderator) I am a home theater, installer and electrical contractor and this is for my own home. Personal set up. I personally believe that unit is defective and needs to be replaced. Please advise thank you

RAM & Internal Storage


Connected Audio Devices

Mcintosh, C 2700 preamp to USB to USB-C to dac2 to roon nucleus + (rev)b SN 54B2039488D9 hdmi to b&k ref 70 preamp processor

Home Network Details

I have Netgear, Orbi, and everything is hardlined through a patch panel. I have hardline ethernet to the nucleus as well as two blue sound node and nad c658

@Christopher_Garner, I removed your personal phone number for privacy reasons. Have you contacted your dealer to discuss options including if this may need to be returned for repair? Roon typically asks you to work with the dealer first, and if that needs additional support, Roon can assist.

Have you tried connecting the Nucleus Plus to a monitor with an HDMI cable (and if possible a USB keyboard) and see what is displayed?

Hi @Christopher_Garner,

Ben with support here, sorry to hear about your Nucleus issues. I will follow up via PM with next steps. Please keep an eye out for a message from me. Thanks! :pray:

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