Nucleus not sending DSD correctly

Set-up is: Roon Nucleus (v1) > Audio GD R-8 MK-2 DAC via USB > Emotiva RMC-1 via XLR balanced.
The Nucleus correctly recognizes the Audio GD as ‘Amenaro Combo 384’ (which is the chip it uses), but the Audio GD model is not listed in your ‘identify this model’ pulldown. Being a newer model from a smaller company, that’s understandable and not the problem. The problem is that the Nucleus is limiting the max level to DSD128. This is a DSD256 file as shown in the ‘signal path’. Its being down-converted to DSD128.
I’m thinking that is because the Nucleus thinks it cannot accept higher than DSD128, when it can accept up to DSD512 via USB.
Is there a way to update your list of DAC’s, or correct the specs for the Amenaro chip.

Linux default is DoP. The Linux kernel needs to be patched (not really Roon), if possible, to allow for native DSD for each device. This applies to all Linux devices and OS.

I would first send a message to Audio GD to confirm what you should expect when using that device connected to Linux. Native vs DoP? Max Rate Limits etc.

In the mean time, you can use an endpoint which has had its kernel patched for this device, or, a windows box with the appropriate drivers installed (which is what I would do). If you go with another device, like a raspberry Pi running Ropieee, or a ultraRendu, I encourage you to contact the vendor to make sure that the device has been patched in (Amenaro Combo 384).

Here is a thread concerning Ropiee, an interesting read towards the end after support was patched.

Thanks for your answer.
Not being a computer guy, most of the thread is above my paygrade. I will contact vendor or manufacturer to see if fw upgrade is available that would fix this problem. But in the meantime, I’ll save a couple dollars and not download any music above DSD128.

Native DSD and Linux can be a mixed bag. The best bet is to use Windows and load RoonBridge and the DACs DSD drivers on a very small and cheap PC.

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