Nucleus not showing in file Explorer


After a couple of days Faffing around, I got the Nucleus recognised on my network. It seems to be working okay.

My problem is that it is not showing within “file explorer” in network or anywhere else. Therefore I cannot drag and drop files to its internal storage.

I am using Windows 11 on an HP Pavillion.

Can anyone from Support help?

Thanks Steven

Does it have internal storage?
The ssd the os is loaded onto cannot be used for music storage.
It would need to have an additional internal SSD for music storage.

It’s fitted with a 1tb HDD drive (well that’s what I ordered) I am double checking with supplier.

If it does have the additional spinning drive installed we should be able to find it.
The os is on an internal M2 SSD.

Let us know when confirmation is known.

BTW…not official support, just a fellow user here.

Do you know it’s IP address?
If you have installed the Roon app it should tell you this.

You can then enter it like the example that follows \\Data into windows explorer. No my Win 11 box popped up a username and password box and I used guest for both. You then want to go into Storage\InternalStorage and that is where you can create a folder for your music or dump it in there.

If you get an error connecting, go into Control panel, Programs, Turn Windows features on or off and then find the SMB 1.0/CIFS File sharing Support option and enable the SMB 1.0/CIFS Client option (only that one).

I don’t think this require a reboot, and mine was working after that.

Hopefully this helps

Brilliant. And thanks I willdo.


Thanks Michael will give that a go. Will let you know.


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Good luck, let me know if you still have a problem and I will see if I can help some more