Nucleus+ not working after most recent upgrade

Roon Core Machine

Core is a Nucleus+
Can’t see other data now since I can’t connect to it.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Firewall is a UniFI USG-Pro-4
Switch is a UniFi USW-16-POE
Wireless access points are UniFi U6-LR (not used in traffic path from desktop to Roon Nucleus, but are used from iPad and other devices)

Nucleus is connected to switch via ethernet which was working fine before upgrade.

Connected Audio Devices

Connected Audio Device is a NAIM Uniti Atom, which sends it’s output to a tube amp

Number of Tracks in Library

Don’t know can’t see that now.

Description of Issue

After attempting the most recent OS upgrade to my Nucleus+ (2.0?) I have not been able to access it… After the update I could not find the core. I tried from my Mac desktop and from my iPad. I waited a number of hours and then power cycled, hard shut down, and also hooked up a working HDMI cable from my Anthem MRX520 to both ports and get no signal. The power LED is white and the network port LEDs do light up and flicker after it’s been ‘booting’ a while. I do see lights on the connected port on the switch but in the list of connected devices on my UniFi switch I don’t see its MAC address, IP or activity on its port.

Hi @Robert_Watt,

I have checked and can confirm that Roon hasn’t seen your Nucleus in 7+ days now.

You mentioned you connected the HDMI cable to the Nucleus. To verify, you connected Nucleus to a TV and powered it up and got no signal? Unfortunately, if that is the case, there is likely an issue with the motherboard. Please message me privately with this template completed:

  • Where was the Nucleus purchased?
  • What was the Nucleus date of purchase?
  • What model Nucleus is this?
  • What is the serial number found on the bottom panel?
  • What is the best contact email address for you?
  • Where and who will the unit be shipped from (shipper’s full name and full mailing address)?
  • Where and who should the repaired unit be shipped to (if different from the ship from address)?

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