Nucleus on WAP instead of base station?

I run my Roon core on a wifi MacBook Pro. My Mac overheats every day when the Roon CPU load abruptly surges to >90% sustained (open support request, separate thread). To avoid heat damage to my Mac, one solution is to buy a Nucleus and move my Roon core to that.

I can’t run an Ethernet cable from my router to my stereo. The 5GHz wifi signal at the stereo is strong (-40dBm), so I put a WAP next to the stereo to connect my Roon endpoint. This works great (except for the Mac overheating), no wifi dropouts or glitches. Here’s the setup diagram:
cable modem → router (wifi off) → wifi base station … Roon Core Mac … WAP → Roon endpoint.

Question - can I connect a Nucleus to my WAP and Nucleus USB out to my DAC? This seems like the simplest solution.
base station … WAP → Nucleus → DAC

The alternative would be more complicated (adds another device) and more expensive:
Nucleus → base station … WAP → network bridge → DAC


Where are your local music files going to be held? If they are to be held on a HDD/SSD internal to the Nucleus, or on a HDD connected via USB to the Nucleus, then the WAP → Nucleus → DAC configuration would be the way to go, I think.

Since you’re not reporting any streaming over WiFi issues with your current setup, streaming from Qobuz/TIDAL via Roon on the Nucleus should be OK.

The one thing to check is that your DAC will work via a USB connection to the Nucleus. Some DAC manufacturers only support USB via Windows/MacOS, and not Linux. They are the exceptions to the rule these days, I think, but you don’t want to invest in a Nucleus and then find that your DAC is one of the exceptions…

Thanks Geoff for your help. I’ll move the audio files from my Mac to the Nucleus, also convert Nucleus USB out to AES which is transformer isolated on my DAC (didn’t mention that, for simplicity).