Nucleus OS & Roon Software Update -- What's the process?

Just got a Nucleus+ and am in the process of getting it set up with a 4TB internal SSD. Bought it direct from Roon and @Danny kindly updated to the latest software prior to sending. Thanks Danny!

Made me wonder what the OS and Roon Software update process will be going forward. Not that obvious from the Nucleus web UX. Anyone know how this will work?

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You can update the OS from the web interface, but you can also do it from inside Roon, in the same place you update Roon Server from – Settings > About.

That’s it!

Funny. I never clicked “about before” from inside the Roon UX… Thanks for the quick answer!

I have a slightly different question.
I am soon getting a nucleus and will want to migrate my previous roon database across to it. Reading the user manual, I will need to check/update the nucleus software priorto migration.
How do I update, and not miss out on the “ restore from backup” option on the first screen, which I assume I need to hit, which will I guess will start the migration process prior to updating?
There is mention of also using the a web browser and the nucleus ip address. If this is what I need to do, could someone talk me through this process in easy to follow steps.:flushed::slightly_smiling_face:.

Drilling down in user manual a little more under - Find the Nucleus on your network - , “option 2” may be the way to go. It is just a little confusing ,if you need to follow the steps in 1 to 4 order as described in the user manual.
1.Connect and power up Nucleus
The first step is making power and network connections and starting Nucleus. Learn more…

2.Update Nucleus firmware
Before using Roon with Nucleus for the first time, it’s important to make sure your firmware is up to date. Note: Not updating Nucleus firmware could lead to data loss or a failed migration. Learn more…

3.Prepare your storage and audio devices
Nucleus will discover devices connected via USB, HMDI, and ethernet at any time, but it’s simplest to have these devices connected and powered on before you get started. Learn more…

4.Start using Nucleus
Now that your equipment is connected, it’s time to install the Roon app (for Mac and Windows PC) and/or the Roon Remote app for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, and connect to Nucleus. From here, you can migrate an older Roon installation to Nucleus as well. Learn more…

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