Nucleus Owner's Manual?

Hello. I have my new Nucleus connected up
I have a bunch of questions that could probably be easily answered by an owner’s manual, is there one somewhere? Or is there a guide a tad bit more in-depth than the quick start guide that came with the Nucleus?

As much as I love looking for the answers I need by endlessly searching the community for different iterations of my questions and then reading other people’s questions and responses, it would be nice to skip all that…


Can’t seem to point Roon core to my iTunes music folder. It is attached to a networked Mac via Lightning. I keep getting Unexpected Error message when I use Add Network Share function.
Should I just install HD into Nucleus for now?
Eventually I will have RAID NAS…

Hey @David_Bettridge —- Thanks for reaching out!

The Nucleus Manual is a great place to start for all things Nucleus specific, but when it comes to using Roon in general, checking out the articles in our Knowledge Base is a great way to find information you’re looking for.

This article contains some great information about setting up a networked watched folder in Roon.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re entering into Roon when you’re receiving this error? Are you being sure to add the correct username and password for the share?


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Thanks very much for the speedy response, sorry I was much less speedy in my reply.
I can’t find the path all the way from user/“me”/ to the iTunes library for some reason.
Here’s what I have:

Roon was working fine when the Core was on the iMac connected to the MyBook Thunderbolt external drive, so I know there is a pathway that works.
I’d like to move the Core to my Nucleus which is connected as such:

Maybe that’s asking too much?
This is a temporary solution until my NAS is set up, and I re-rip all my CDs into aiff.
When I say “temporary”, I mean for the next month or two I suppose…

Thanks in advance for your help!

The path you are entering is not a network share, but a local directory (or a network share mounted to a local directory). Pay close attention to the examples: \host\share or smb://host/share.

Yeah, I don’t know anything about any of that stuff. I’m assuming I can’t just cut and paste someone else’s path…

Hmmm, maybe I need to be on my laptop to see the path through ethernet, I’ll try that.


Hey @David_Bettridge,

First you’ll want to make sure the folder you’re trying to access is properly shared so it can be accessed over the network. Are you able to access this folder from other machines besides your Nucleus?

I just set up a folder called Example Share to be shared over the network. The path I would enter into Roon is smb://DylanComputer/Example Share. In this example, DylanComputer is the name of the machine the folder is shared on, and Example Share is the name of the folder that is shared.

Give this a try and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

The little window that Roon gives to enter the Network Share Location doesn’t scroll or allow you to scroll so it’s impossible to know what you typed.
I turned on File Sharing on the iMac to which the Thunderbolt drive is connected and that gave me the local computer name. From that and using command-i on the actual folder to share, plus your example above, I came up with:


And that’s not working either.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Thanks for the update, @David_Bettridge!

Are you able to access that path from other machines on the network?

Also, in the screenshot above, you did not have the Username or Password field filled out. Can you try filling that out as well and let me know if this works for you?

Can you also confirm that your Nucleus is up to date? You can do this by going to Settings > About.


OK getting closer.
I added myself as a registered user, set my password, etc. and can now access the folder from my laptop:
Laptop>wi-fi>router>ethernet>iMac>Thunderbolt drive
I changed the file type to AFP because it said SMB was for Windows?
So now the route looks like:

Still not working though, with known good user name and password, so my route must be bad :frowning:

For “up to date” the only things I found were:
Nucleus>Data>Roon Server>Settings>bunch of Unix executable files
Nucleus>Data>RAATServer>Settings>2 .json files and a Unix executable file

I did see something about Roon Nucleus version stable build something and it was an older build than the one on my iMac which I’m replacing.


I followed the known good route on my laptop and used Command-i to get this route which I Copied/Pasted into Roon:

afp://David Bettridge’s Power Mac G5 (2)._afpovertcp._tcp.local/My Book Thunderbolt Duo - A/iTunes Media

It didn’t work either. :frowning:

Is it all the spaces? Should they be dashes or html or something?

I’m reaching for the tiny screwdrivers to R&R the HD and just put it in a USB enclosure…

When you share the drive, the SMB protocol is the way to go. AFP is an old deprecated Apple protocol and therefore also not supported in Roon.

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