Nucleus - Pioneer SX-S30DAB: HDMI connection problem


I connected my Nucleus to my Pioneer SX-S30DAB via HDMI. Works fine so far.
The problem occurs when I switch the Pioneer to another HDMI source like e.g. my TV or Bluray-Player and afterwards switch back to the Nucleus: the sound is coming and going. The Nucleus seems to play as usual, it‘s not „hanging“…but the music sounds like a permanent „on“ and „off“ (I hope you understand what I try to describe).
If I shut everything down and restart it works fine again…until I change to another source.
Am I missing something there? Do I have to activate something in the Nucleus? Or is it the Pioneer?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @MatDe,

Sorry for the trouble here! Here’s what I’m hoping you can do:

  • Reproduce this once more and make a note of the time it occurs as well as what track you’re playing
  • If possible, record a short video so we can see (and hear) exactly what’s happening during playback — It’ll help us understand what might be occurring
  • Share that video, track name, and timestamp here. We’ll take a look at what might have been happening during that time


Hi @dylan

sorry for the late reply. I found out that there is definitely something wrong with my Pioneer, so that this case is certainly not a Nucleus or Roon issue.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Thanks for following up, @MatDe! I’m glad you were able to get to the bottom of it. If we can ever help please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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