Nucleus Plus Disappeared from My Network

Roon Core Machine

MB Pro 2.3Ghz Intel Core i9; 16GB RAM; Monterey 12.6.2

I updated my Nucleus Plus today, as it suggested, and now it’s no longer on my network even though it’s on and running and nothing else has changed. I’ve rebooted my MacBook Plus, disconnected and reconnected cables, no change. Help please.

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Now I can see my Nucleus Plus on my network, but the App isn’t connecting so I cannot access it. Please help.

After running the NP and and off a million times, turning my router on and off, and the turning off my WiFi multiple times and restarting my MacBook multiple times, it finally works. Why is it so hard for this thing to upgrade without issue? Next time, no upgrade for me. So frustrating.

Hi @Jon_Lewis,

I’m sorry you had issues. I’m not sure what could’ve caused the problem. Honestly, I update every time it’s an option, and only had one issue in nearly two years. When the issue occurred, I was running a beta version of RoonOS for the Nucleus and it was quickly fixed.

Without knowing the networking information requested in the support template and/or the order you restarted things in, it’s hard to comment on what might have occurred or what the actual resolution was.

One thing I might recommend is setting your router to Google’s DNS servers. This seems to be helping a lot of people lately.

Google’s DNS servers are and


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