Nucleus Plus DSD?

Hi all! I just bought a Nucleus+ and am looking at ways to optimize it. My setup is below for any suggestions. It sounds phenomenal, I just want to double check. I believe it’s 7th power, smooth. I figured more DSD is better, so just picked the 512 option.

Marantz PM-KI Ruby amplifier
Nucleus+ via USB to Matrix Audio MQA DAC

My stream shows Tidal FLAC
Bit Depth 16-64
Sample Rate 44.1kHz to 22.579MHz
Sigma-Delta modulator DSD512
Nucleus+ Roon Advanced Audio Transport
Matrix Audio X-SABRE

Enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator.

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Not necessarily. However, if DSD is your goal and “More is better” is a guiding motto, then you should be checking out HQPlayer.

A Nucleus+ will be more than capable of achieving upsampling to DSD512 without having to spin out to third party software and additional hardware which is what would be needed to run HQ Player.