Nucleus plus is missing codecs

I am experiencing the same problem with the Nucleus+. I have followed the reset instructions without success.

Most likely operator (me) error, but it needs to be fixed.

Can @support take a look remotely.

My Nucleus plus is missing codecs. After following your instructions to reset, still no luck.

If I don’t use MP3 or AAC, is there any issues with leaving the missing codecs as is on the Nucleus Plus server?

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Should not matter, but did you follow these instructions?

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Thanks @Jim_F

Tried that half a dozen times using that page without success……

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Hi @rrwwss52,

The “me too posts” don’t really catch Roon’s attention and it looks like your’s may have been overlook.

I’ve split them out to their own topic on the Nucleus Support so you can get tailored support from Roon once it reaches the top of their queue.

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It will work, but I suspect an underlying issue with the M2 storage in Nucleus … so it’s best to get Roon to check out its logfiles.

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Thanks. It works presently but hope it can be restored to factory. Appreciate your help.

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Hi Carl.

Not sure how long the queue is these days? Can you flag it for action or should I contact the Roon Store for an RMA to return the Nucleus under warranty. Thanks. Nucleus Support

13 days since my initial post, and 7 days since you recategorized it…

Hey @rrwwss52,

Thanks for writing in and for your patience so far! I will follow up via private message with next steps. :+1:

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