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Hi - never ever had a problem with Nucleus Plus (although not very tech savvy). But a power cut/outage this morning for about five minutes and the Nucleus can no longer connect to the router.

I have had both turned off and on again and left the Nucleus Plus for an hour. This has happened before and this simple turn off and turn on has worked.

But this time, the Nucleus Plus is listed as an unconnected device in the router interface.

On the iPad I use Choose your Roon Core has been stuck on Looking for your Roon Core … for hours.

I’m sorry this is so vague, but help desperately needed please.

Can you connect it by HDMI to a TV or monitor? The output (or not) should give some hints

@Suedkiez - Appreciate your quick reply. Got an HDMI cable and no signal going to the screen. All lights appear OK - white power and two network cable but no connection to the router.

Help! Please!! (Fellow Sonic Youth fan)

No signal is not good :frowning: Is it in warranty and where did you buy it, Roon directly or feature?

(SY are the best :slight_smile: )

@Suedkiez - thank again for your quick reply. Bought it from a dealer in August last year (in the UK).

I wonder how good Roon are at replacing product?

Being no techy, I am not sure what else to try. Is there a reset button!?

If there is no output at all on the TV, I suppose something is fried most likely.

If you bought from a dealer, they are your first contact for warranty and deal with Roon. (If bought in the US directly from Roon, they handle it directly)

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@Suedkiez - many thanks.

I wonder if anyone from Roon can suggest anything else I can try?

@Mark_Worsey, I’ll tag @support for you.

Hey @Mark_Worsey,

Ben from the support team here. I’m sorry to hear about your Nucleus!

As others have mentioned here, getting in touch with your dealer directly is the best next step. From our end, your Nucleus hasn’t been seen by our servers for ~2 days, and therefore I’m not able to review a core diagnostic to better investigate the potential hardware issue.

Do you experience power outages often? This can result in SSD corruption from your Nucleus, and we often recommend users consider purchasing a UPS if outages are frequent in their area.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread incase you have other questions - I’m sorry I’m not able to provide a more thorough diagnostic for you.


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