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I bought the Nucleus plus late last year. It has been working fine until the new firmware 2.0

From the remote, it keeps on updating for a week.

I then have not been able to access the Nucleus by webpage or by Roon remote.

I connect the Nucleus using HDMI to a monitor but nothing is shown.

I’m using a Google wifi to connect the Nucleus by wire.

This indicates that the M.2 drive which holds the Nucleus OS has died.

You have a two year warranty. Did you buy it direct from Roon or at a HiFi dealer?

From a hi fi dealer.

But should I instead just change another M.2 drive and the problem will be solved?

That’s what I would do.

M.2s are dirt cheap. For Nucleus OS, you probably don’t need anything bigger than 128GB, but get a 256GB to be sure.

I would get one that has some heat mitigation built in ( I suspect the M.2 deaths on Nucleus have to do with heat) or add heat sinks to whatever you get.

If you take it to a dealer to fix under warranty, they’re just going to send it somewhere and who knows how long that will take. They’ll probably replace the M.2 with the same sh&tty brand as the original.

OTOH, opening the case (to replace an M.2) will probably void any warranty you might have. Dunno.

If you do replace the M.2 you then need to download and install ROCK, which is easy enough. Once ROCK is installed contact support and they will update the OS to the Nucleus OS. See this post.

You might want to wait and let @support have its say about this and other things.

Thanks for your advice.

Then again, if it’s still under warranty, it won’t cost you a penny. That said, I’ve long replaced my M.2 ssd with a Samsung 980, even when the stock one was still working properly. You’ll have to install ROCK on your own, and ask support here to convert the installation to Roon OS. This last part is important as it contains thermal management optimisations (Nucleus is passively cooled).

Thank you for your additional information

If it is under warranty you should follow the appropriate repair process. Support will be available on Monday.

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Why? So they can replace the M.2 with the same crappy brand as the original and then have the M.2 fail again when the device is off warranty. Not to mention the wait time to get the problem resolved. Sorry, I must disagree.

The only problem I see is if a user replacing the M.2 invalidates the rest of the Nucleus warranty.

The real question for Roon support.

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Hi @Michael_Poon ,

This sounds like a motherboard issue, not an SSD issue, unfortunately. You can try to replace the SSD, but I suspect it won’t help if the issue is elsewhere. I would involve your dealer and we can start an RMA process with them or directly with you, if you prefer.

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