Nucleus plus power switch not working

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Nucleus, Bought in 2020.

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My Nucleus plus does not light up on the start button. I need to unplug the power adapter and replug in to get the unit to start up. The LED light in the power button does not light now and I think the switch is faulty.

Please let me know how I order this part. I know the unit has power as the ethernet flashes as normal.

Kind Regards

Hi @Anthony_Gray,

Are you still having issues? I checked and it seems that the unit is reporting back to Roon’s account servers in real-time.


Hi @Anthony_Gray,

I had same issue since 1.5 years, I have not claimed as nucleus runs 24/7.
But while power switch was not working the ‚shut down‘ and ‚reboot‘ controls in the web interface were not working as well. Pressing the reboot button in web interface started to show the pop up window, but reloading the web interface page showed that the timer of server was not restarted and time continuously increased.

To avoid an unnecessary hardware exchange you should check if SW reboot and shutdown are working.

With every update I checked if web interface controls are working again and finally with application of “RoonServer|2.0 (build 1154) production - update the issue is solved even my Roon Server stays at 1148.

Maybe this helps to narrow down the issue.
BTW: When I rebooted nucleus by unplug the power cord, the controls in web interface worked for some hours but at least after one day they didn’t worked anymore.

Best regards

Hi Tylo

Thanks for your response. It appears to be my power light that burned out. I can use the web interface to shut down and that is my preferred method for power off. The start using the power button works now ( maybe I was impatient and not giving enough time. My light though is not showing which is a good visual clue if I rebooted. I was wondering if I can order the power button only to replace. Other than that its working great.

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