Nucleus Plus -Server software repeatedly resetting

Hello @jsmla ,

Thank you for your patience here while I’ve had a chance to consult with the team on this one. It looks like this behavior may be stemming due to an issue when communicating with your Linn device. Our development team is aware of the behavior and we are working on a change that we hope will help with this issue.

As per policy, I am unable to comment on a timeline of when the issue will be resolved, but I wanted you to know that the work is in progress. Thank you in advance for your patience here!


Hi @noris
I gathered from another thread that Roon were talking with Linn to find a solution. Any idea what progress is being made?

Hi @jsmla ,

We have a ticket regarding this behavior, but I am unable to comment on a timeline for resolution as per company policy. I have spoken to the team recently regarding this issue and we are working on this.

Really hoped new update would resolve this long running issue but three crashes so far this morning indicate not. I understood from another thread that a solution had been identified and was being tested. Any further information would be appreciated.

Hi @jsmla ,

We are still working on this issue at the time, thanks in advance for your patience here!

Hi @noris Another month on and having at least two or three crashes (on a good day). Any sense of when this issue will be resolved?