Nucleus plus/ Sonos issue

My Roon core is a nucleus plus connected to my network with an Ethernet connection. For indoor use, I have it wired to my processor with HDMI cable. For outdoor use I have three Sonos amps. Everything is hardwired. The Sonos amps are connected with Cat5e and the speakers are hardwired directly to the Sonos amps. Nothing is wireless other than the iPad i use to control Roon. For the last couple of days, Roon just stops playing certain tracks in the middle of the track. I tried exiting Roon software, restarting the Roon operating system on my nucleus; reinstalled the Roon server software on my nucleus. To rule out Sonos issues, i rebooted the amps and tried playing tracks from Sonos software. No issues with Sonos. Any thoughts as to the problem? FYI, my Roon library is a about 23,000 tracks.

Hey @jay_Waxenberg,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with audio dropping out on your Sonos devices.

If possible, can you please reproduce the issue and share the specific date, time, and track playing when the dropout occurs?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. Thanks! :pray:

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