Nucleus Plus Stopped Responding

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I have looked for similar issues others have had, and it appears my unit may need to be sent for repairs. It was working fine for several months, but as of yesterday afternoon, fewer than 12 hours since it was last used, the core is no longer reachable via ios, desktop app, or any other recommended method. Everything was powercycled several times with no luck. All other devices function as expected via the wifi, switch, hdmi controllers, etc

Hi J

Can you plug a monitor into the Nucleus and see what it is displaying? If it is displaying information, a screen pic would be great help to support.

Hi Big Dan - As I got ready to plug a monitor in this morning, I took another look at the app, and it looks like everything is back to normal. I deleted and re-added the app in the meantime, but at the time, it did not make the Nucleus responsive. I think we’re ok for now - Thanks for checking in!

Hi J,

Glad to hear, I’m marking this as solved for the moment. If things mess up again let me know via a PM and I’ll re-open the thread.


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