Nucleus Plus stuck on incompatible version


Can someone help me with this. I was put on a beta version of Roon Core, back when there were problems with Meridian equipment in January. Since then, both the IOS and Mac remote software has updated, but the Core hasn’t and I am left with a system I cannot use. I cannot find a way to force the Nucleus+ to update, I have tried soft and hard reboots, but don’t really want to factory default the unit as then I have to reload my database. Any help is much appreciated

Hey @Simon_Elliott,

I’m sorry to hear about your Roon build mismatch and the problems it gave you. In checking your system diagnostics it looks like you’ve cleared the snag. Can you please send me an update with your current status? If you’re still in need of assistance we’d be happy to jump in and help! Thanks!

Hi Jamie,

No it’s not cleared, it’s still asking for an update and if I let it update it puts me back on beta 886. I managed to get it working by rebooting it and then updating it and it goes to a stable version, updates the data base and then works. However it still says upgrade required and as I said it puts me back on beta 886.

Thank you for the update @Simon_Elliott. I’ll let @kevin know. He should be able to help. :muscle:t2:

Hey @Simon_Elliott – give it about an hour and you should be good to go again (you’ll be prompted to update to stable). If you still have trouble let me know and I’ll check with the team.

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