Nucleus power up failure -- bad PS

My nucleus+ will not power up at all
checked all fuses in plugs, netgear switch working and connected to Nucleus,(although the green lights not showing on the port connected to the nucleus, tried 5 second hold, tried light touch single press. Nothing…
could the power supply have failed
any suggestions would be welcome

Was it working before? What changed? Did you try a different power supply? There is a reset procedure for when third party PS freaked it out.

Who did you purchase it from?

Do ethernet lights come on when you press power button? If you take off the underside, does a green or orange or blue led show on the motherboard when you apply power?

looks like it was a PSU failure, i swapped it for a laptop (19volt) and it immediately was up and running.
Looking to buy a Keces P8 Linear power supply unit to run the Nucleus and my Qnap NAS
Thanks fr the reply , advise noted for the future