Nucleus+ Problem - Waiting for remote core

My Roon was working fine this morning but I needed to restart my wireless router this morning for an unrelated reason. After the router came back up, I opened Roon and it’s been stuck on “Remote Connection. Waiting for remote core…” for hours.

I have cycled the Nucleus on and off several times.
The Nucleus+ is connected to my router via ethernet. I have confirmed that the the cable works.
All of my endpoints are Bluesound and are connected to the same wireless router via wifi.
All of my devices I use to control Roon are on the same wifi as the endpoints and the Nucleus+ is hardwired to.
I have connected a monitor to the Nucleus+ with a tested HDMI cable and there is no signal from the N+ detected by the monitor.

Please let me know what other information I can provide.

What happens if you open a browser and put in the IP address of your Nucleus Plus? Do you get to the System Status page?

“Failed to open page” is what i get.

As much as it pains me to write this, it sounds like you need to open a case with Support.

Good luck, I know that this is a bummer. Once you get addicted to Roon, it’s hard to spend a day without it.

Moved to @support for you.

Can you actually find the N+ on your network?
Using fing or similar so we know the ip address is correct.
As this started after a router restart I wonder if it assigned a different IP address or something else odd?

I cannot find it on my network. I have use the same ethernet cable to attach a different device and it has appeared on the network. I am only a novice when it comes to networking stuff…but I can follow directions if there is a way to discover if it has generate a different IP Address. (I’m guessing when/if I do get it back up I should create a Static IP Address for the Nucleus+?)

What I mean to say above is that the N+ is not showing up in a browser using the last IP address generated and the device is not showing up as connected to router to which it is physically connected.

The latter part is a little worrying that it’s not seen at all by the network.
Maybe you already tried this but can you connect a monitor to the N+ via HDMI, reboot the N+ and see what it shows on the monitor?
A picture of that screen on reboot would be great.

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I have it connected to a monitor via HDMI and have restarted a few times. The N+ is not sending a signal to the monitor.

Nothing on screen at all?

That’s not good news I’m afraid.

How old is the N+ and where did you purchase it?

August 15, 2021 from Roon Store. order #968.

Well it’s obviously in warranty and the best place to have bought it from.
I’m going to ping @noris for you.
I think it needs to go back.
Hopefully he can get to it fairly soon.

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Hey everyone :wave:

We’re very grateful that you’ve let us know of the issue that you’re facing in the wake of the latest build release. We’re so sorry and would really love to make things right.

I was wondering if you could please:

It would help so much if you could please let us know once the logs are uploaded. Our team can take a look right away.

Many thanks in advance, @Ben_Kaatz, @DN28 and @Syd_Schwartz :pray:

Morning. “in the wake of…” makes me think that you are taking a stand that your latest build release broke my Nucleus+. This is a fresh take on my problem. Are you suggesting that my N+ is not in need of warranty repair…unlike what was suggested yesterday?

Additionally, how do I search for something that is not attached to network? I can’t “grab a set of logs” from a device I can’t access, right (my N+)?

Hi @Ben_Kaatz ,

Yes, you are correct, if the unit can’t boot there would be no way to get logs from the unit and no HDMI output sounds like the unit is not booting properly.

Since the unit is still under warranty, it would be best if we send the unit to our repair center for further evaluation. I don’t believe the issue is related to the recent update, but it could have been a coincidence.

We will private message you to get RMA information, thank you.

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