Nucleus Processing Speed - Am I OK?

I have a basic model Nucleus (not the +) and I’m wondering if I’m asking too much of it. I’m using Auto Volume Leveling, Headroom Adjustment, and I am oversampling everything to DSD256 (which I’ve found makes the best match for my DAC). With all this going on, the processing speed varies between 2.6X and 3.4X depending on the format of the source material (it generally averages 3.0X to 3.1X - see sample below). Am I OK at these processing speeds or am I pushing the i3 CPU too hard? The heatsinks are barely warm and everything is working fine, just want to make sure I’m not overstressing the Nucleus.

Could you be a little more specific as to what you want me to read at that page? It said nothing about acceptable Processing Speed that I could see, which is what I’m asking about.

I’m aware of the specs of my Nucleus. None of that addresses the question in my OP.

I think there are two answers to your question. As long as you stay above 1x (and some extra headroom is good) your music should play fine without any skips or stutters. Below 1x there will be problems with the way it plays. Whether you’re creating any heat issues depends on where you have your nucleus. As long as it’s in a place of reasonable ventilation which it seems yours is as your heat sinks are barely warm, you are good on all fronts IMHO.

Thanks for your response, Craig. It sounds reasonable to me.

When you push a Nucleus too hard it’ll stop what it is doing. If you are getting x2 and above you are OK. If you haven’t already done so use the parallelise delta sigma (or sigma delta) function to engage more than a single core and that should help. But the listening experience is key. If it is reacting to commands quickly and is interruption and interference free then don’t worry.

Thanks Henry. Yes, I have the parallelize sigma-delta modulator setting engaged - that made a big difference. The Nucleus remains just as responsive as it was without the DSP stuff, so I guess I’m OK!

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