Nucleus Question regarding Rule 1: Core and Output on separate devices

Currently running a Nucleus with all my files on an internal 2Tb SSD drive in my stereo rack using an HDMI cable up to my Anthem MRX-1140. I play 2-ch & multi-ch flac files. According to Roon rule #1 I should be using a separate device for playback to my Anthem and not the Nucleus. Any suggestions for a device that just uses HDMI out as a Roon endpoint so I can play all formats including multi-ch? And will it REALLY make a difference? It already sounds fantastic and the Nucleus is not working hard at all (and it’s silent!). I have around 1300 albums.

Those are not “rules”, they are recommendations. I don’t think it will make any difference. Enjoy your system!


I’d say - leave it as it is. In my system the Nucleus is a direct source, too - connected via USB to my DAC. And it sounds terrific, a dedicated high quality streaming bridge did not sound better at least not with my DAC. Other people may have different opinions but I made up my mind and will stay with my Nucleus as a streamer.

I don’t think it’s actually necessary to separate them via Ethernet.

But if you still want to do so, @Archimago posted a step-by-step guide to making a small multi-channel endpoint.

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This is a very late reply. Just sharing my experience. I have a NUC and two Roon ready devices - Zen Stream and The Hegel H120. NUC connected via USB to the H120, the ZS used as a bridge via Ethernet and connected to the H120 and the H120 own internal RR streaming engine all sound alike, if not the same. The three sound very good. Likewise, for the NUC and the ZS connected to my Zen DAC v2 (with HD600 headphones). The NUC is also dead silent.