Nucleus Question regarding Rule 1: Core and Output on separate devices

Currently running a Nucleus with all my files on an internal 2Tb SSD drive in my stereo rack using an HDMI cable up to my Anthem MRX-1140. I play 2-ch & multi-ch flac files. According to Roon rule #1 I should be using a separate device for playback to my Anthem and not the Nucleus. Any suggestions for a device that just uses HDMI out as a Roon endpoint so I can play all formats including multi-ch? And will it REALLY make a difference? It already sounds fantastic and the Nucleus is not working hard at all (and it’s silent!). I have around 1300 albums.

Those are not “rules”, they are recommendations. I don’t think it will make any difference. Enjoy your system!


I’d say - leave it as it is. In my system the Nucleus is a direct source, too - connected via USB to my DAC. And it sounds terrific, a dedicated high quality streaming bridge did not sound better at least not with my DAC. Other people may have different opinions but I made up my mind and will stay with my Nucleus as a streamer.

I don’t think it’s actually necessary to separate them via Ethernet.

But if you still want to do so, @Archimago posted a step-by-step guide to making a small multi-channel endpoint.

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