Nucleus question

I have been using Roon for a while and my setup is as follows:
Roon Core running on QNAP TS-469L NAS. Total stored tracks is about 35,000
Network player: LUMIN A1

The QNAP is an older model with only spinning hard drives, however it works fine as a music storage device. The NAS is very slow when performing Roon actions and it hangs up sometimes. Memory on NAS cannot be expanded above the current 2GB. Network is all hard wired. I was thinking of buying the Nucleus device so the Roon core would run on that instead of the NAS. My questions are:

  1. does the Nucleus have built in storage for the Roon database or do I have to add an SSD?
  2. since I am storing all my music on the NAS, is he Nucleus 10,000 album limitation relevant in my situation? Or is that limitation only if storing music on the Nucleus internal hard drives?
  3. Can the standard Nucleus be upgraded to the “plus” model?



  1. Yes, the OS, Roon Core and it’s associated database are all stored on the internal M2 memory.

  2. It was total library size in tracks, regardless of where stored (local, NAS or streamed). However, that restriction was down to Roon’s implementation on non-Windows platforms … since Roon 1.7 this has been resolved.

  3. Not that I’m aware of, one for Roon’s @support to confirm or not.

If you really want to get the best out of an investment in a nucleus, add an extra SSD to the nucleus and store your music there. Use the QNAP for your music backup and roon database backup. If you do this you’ll get the quickest response, you’ll eliminate a source for issues (the network connection to the QNAP and the QNAP itself), you’ll get faster loading of new album adds into roon (it often takes a while for roon to pick them up from a NAS), and you can configure your NAS’ disks to go to sleep (you won’t be able to do this if your music primary is there because the only way roon knows if new music is added is to keep polling the NAS which keeps the disks awake). Of course this is my opinion and others may disagree…


+1, I use a performant QNAP NAS but if I were starting over … that would be they way I would good.

the limit is due to ram – the number has gone up 50-100% since 1.7

do you mean via some type of discounted trade-in program or self-update or something else?


I have a Nucleus with my music stored on a 2TB internal SSD. Since Roon 1.7, are you indicating that the 10,000 album or 100,000 track limit is no longer applicable?

Thanks, Michael

Hi @Flashman

The 10,000 albums limit is only for TIDAL content, this is a limit on TIDAL’s end … it’s not a limitation of the Roon application / platform it’s purely down to Tidal.

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Ah, good to know!

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My library contains 750,000 tracks on a Synology NAS, does anyone know if the Nucleus + can accommodate this size?

I would go for Roon Core on Windows with this size.

I would say no. I’d dedicate something more powerful to that task.