Nucleus + Rev A Not Booting

My Nucleus + became unresponsive. I effected a soft re-boot but now it won’t power up. I unplugged it for 2 days (thinking it might be a heat-sink related issue) and then replugged it but it still won’t power up (little light over switch remains dark.) Should I send it in? Thanks.

Are you using a Nucleus or Nucleus+? + Rev A
Where did you purchase your Nucleus from? From Roon
Describe where your music is stored – this includes hard drive description and interface type (USB, Internal Storage, etc. If you are using a NAS or any other kind of network storage, be sure to include the information requested in the Network section below). QNap NAS
Let us know your collection size (approximate number of tracks). 126k tracks.
What remote device(s) are you using to connect to Nucleus? iPad, iPhone, Mac

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It appears from many threads there is a lack of activity and involvement from Roon. One of the threads I suspected Roon to be actively involved is the build 923 feedback thread…. But it appears not.

Are Roon operating with minimal resources??


Please see above. Thanks.

Hi @Hal_Greene,

Our apologies for the difficulties you’ve experienced with your Nucleus. Can you please post a screenshot of the inside of your Nucleus? It sounds like you might have storage installed that’s blocking the power reset button that @beka asked you to check.


This is the inside of my Nucleus.

Thank you @Hal_Greene,

I’m touching base with the team for next steps on your issue, I’ll be back in touch as soon as I have more details to share.

Hello @Hal_Greene ,

Thanks for those pictures, it’s best to continue the conversation here on Community so I’ve merged your post from the other ticket you had with us.

If you try to connect the Nucleus HDMI output to a TV or monitor and power the unit on, do you see anything listed on the screen? If you press this manual power switch, does it turn on?

I do not seem to have this switch. When I connect the HDMI port to a monitor, nothing appears.


I could be wrong, but, from your pic and the reference pic, the reset button is under the drives on the other side of the motherboard.


Does that mean I have to remove the drives to access? Have been reluctant to dismantle it.

Yes. It’s a matter of removing some screws. It’s a trivial, fully reversible process.

Hi @Hal_Greene ,

Yes, you may need to remove those screws to reveal the power button, first you can remove the silver screws highlighted here in red:

Bring out the SSD connector, and then remove the black screws highlighted here:

And then that will reveal the motherboard with the power switch:

If the power switch doesn’t help, you can try another PSU if you have one, otherwise, the unit will need to be sent in for evaluation at our service center.

I suspect that this is the power button itself or the PSU which has failed, and if we can pinpoint the issue to one of these components, the repair would be easier since we know which component has failed.

If you would rather not perform these hardware checks, we can also ship the unit directly over to our service center, but please do note that since this is a Rev A unit, the warranty has expired and there would be a fee associated with diagnosis/repair.

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I was able to press the reset switch but still nada. What is the estimate for diagnosis/repair? Rather than repair a Rev A unit, what kind of trade-in allowance could I get for a more current one?



Hello @Hal_Greene ,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a trade-in kind of program at this time.

Sorry to hear that the power switch didn’t work either, it sounds like this could be a motherboard issue, since this is the case the unit will need to be sent into our service center to determine the exact fault.

I will follow-up via private message on Community (shows up as a green notification) and I will put in an RMA request for you, the RMA team can let you know pricing details directly, thanks!

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