Nucleus Rev B - Electrical Chirping Noise (ref#TGY5P3)

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Nucleus Model

Nucleus Rev B

Description of Issue

My less than a year old Nucleus has started making an electrical chirping noise, and it’s transmitted over the HDMI cable to my AVR and audible on the AVR when it’s set to an analog input. It’s not audible when using the HDMI input on the AVR for my Nucleus or over any devices I have connected via USB. I found other posts talking about a coil whine and it’s the exact same noise.

I only discovered it was the Nucleus when I resolved a ground loop issue with my phono input; before then, I couldn’t use my phono input because the hum was too loud, but once I resolved that I found there was an electrical static / chirping noise on the phono input. While tracking down the source of the interference I discovered it stopped when I unplugged the HDMI cable connected to my Nucleus.

I thought it might be a bad HDMI cable and tried a different one, and when that didn’t work I also tried ferrites on the HDMI cable to try to choke the interference, but neither had any effect. Eventually I discovered that in addition to hearing the interference over my speakers when on the phono input I could hear the same interference coming directly from the Nucleus itself from about a meter away. I then tried ferrites on the power supply just in case, but that had no effect either.

I had an SSD inside the Nucleus (unused, as I ended up storing my music on a NAS instead), so I removed that just in case that made any difference. It’s now a completely stock Nucleus but it still makes this chirping sound, even when nothing else is connected.

I’ve worked around it temporarily by using an HDMI audio extractor to convert the HDMI to optical, but it’s disappointing as that limits me to stereo playback, and I shouldn’t need to pull my AVR out and unplug my Nucleus’ HDMI cable when I want to listen to vinyl.

Could it be the power supply? If not, what can I do to exchange my unit?


RAM & Internal Storage


Connected Audio Devices

Douk Audio U2 Pro via USB (to Schiit Bifrost 2/64 via SPDIF)
Yamaha RX-V577 AVR via HDMI (direct)
Yamaha RX-V577 AVR via TOSLINK optical (using Monoprice Blackbird 4K HDMI audio extractor)

Home Network Details

Connected via Ethernet to Unifi 16 PoE switch

Here’s the electrical noise I’m hearing through my speakers when the Nucleus is connected to my AVR over HDMI; this is the same sort of chirping I’m hearing directly from the Nucleus:

By comparison, here’s the same phono input, but with the Nucleus HDMI cable disconnected:

The volume is turned up for these recordings to make it easier to hear, but even at a moderate listening volume it’s still audible.

You not the first to experience this

Hi @glenn,

Thanks for writing in! My apologies for the delay in getting to your thread.

Unfortunately, coil whine is a non-warranty case. We can replace the board if interested, there would be a fee associated with the replacement.

Let me know if you’d like to set a replacement up. :+1:

Thanks Benjamin; sure, I’d be interested in knowing what the next steps are.

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