Nucleus+ Rev B not connecting to network (ref#2T6P6G)

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Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev B

Description of Issue

Roon Nucleus is powered on, has light on rear power button, and ethernet port lights are lit up, but its not connecting to the network. The network switch’s port that the nucleus is plugged in to is also lit up. On the network controller, UniFi Controller, the switch’s port is lit up as if something is plugged in, however, it wont show me a device that is plugged in, an ip address, and on the client (device) list, it shows all of the other devices that are connected to the network, including all of the other devices connected to this particular switch, and what port they are connected to, but I am not showing the Nucleus on the client list, let alone anything showing that its connected to the port that the nucleus is physically connected to. I have power cycled the nucleus, and tried a new ethernet patch cable. Using the roon app, which my phone is on the same network as what the nucleus is, and it wont find it when it searches.

Connected Audio Devices

NAD Bluesound Player

Home Network Details


Have you tried connecting a TV or monitor to the HDMI port as you boot? If the Nucleus is booting properly, you should get some status text being shown with things like the network status.

If this status text is not shown, then your Nucleus is not booting properly and you would have to look for a hardware issue with the Nucleus itself. You don’t state how old the Nucleus is. Is it still under warranty? If it is, you should wait for Roon staff to respond to take you through the next steps.

If it is a hardware issue with the Nucleus and it is out of warranty, then Roon support staff can still describe the next steps. For M.2 NVME SSD failures, it normally involves replacing the SSD and using the ROCK installer to install the NUC version of Roon OS and Roon server and then contacting Roon staff to get them to make a configuration change to get back to the Nucleus version of Roon OS.

However, first things first: You need to connect a monitor and determine what, if anything is displayed.

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Hi @pselendy,
Thank you for your patience while we worked through the queue. Has your issue been resolved?