Nucleus+ Rev B Not Responding to Connection (ref#EUWH2K)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev B

Description of Issue

nucleus will not respond to connecting, it won’t turn off only with long press , when I turn it back on and click on Roon app it won’t respond to connect , its like it is having trouble finding its IP address.

RAM & Internal Storage

RAM ? internal storage 1TB

Connected Audio Devices

Once it is connected it is ok until you have to turn it off then you have the same problem from new 2 years ago after sound bar stopped enabling in audio settings .

Home Network Details

Nucleus the [core] is connected with Ethernet , router is Plusnet Hub 2, Ive changed ISP 3 times had line checked in doors and from the exchange box which is around 30’ away

@stephen_ollerton, I closed your other duplicate post for the same issue but with less information here:

Please do not post duplicates of the same problem as it dilutes Roon’s ability to provide support. Roon has this in their queue and will respond to you.

I also re-categorized this into the Nucleus Support category.

Okay I am not a Train spotter , I said before I don’t know how to post properly, also I am 62 and I have better things to do than stirring into a screen reading how many problems people are having with this expensive not properly developed supposed to be HIFI piece of kit. It’s now over two years since new there has been a fault with this Nucleus+, when I opened the box it even came with a USA power lead not a UK one, not a good start. and it has not been up to scratch since. Anything else would have been replaced immediately with new, not two years down the line and still nobody has a clue .

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@Robert_F is a forum moderator. He’s trying to tell you how to post for the best results.

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