Nucleus+ Rev B: OS Reinstall failed and will not boot at all

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Nucleus+ Rev B

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Hello. I went to reinstall the OS via the web admin UI last night and noticed that the connection had timed out this morning. I cannot connect to the unit at all now. LED lights on the ethernet port do light up.

I searched and found a few threads about utilizing the HDMI output to view the boot sequence. However, the Nucleus does not seem to be outputting a signal at all.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

How old is this unit and where did you purchase it?
It sounds like the SSD with the Roon OS on has failed unfortunately.

Never mind. I just got home and decided to shutdown via holding down the power button, rebooted and voila, HDMI video works, it received an IP and I can reach the web UI.

It’s currently updating the server software but it seems good to go.


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