Nucleus Rev B problems- looks like faulty roonOS SSD

It looks like the internal m2 ssd broke and I bought a new one today - the transcend that is recommended on your website. I’m working on a MAC so I got a windows keyboard as well. I prepared the USB stick (I formatted the USB stick to master boot record - FAT.) with etcher but when I boot the nucleus it says “reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selceted boot device and press a key”
Booting it while pressing F10 doesn’t help. No key seems to make any difference.

I have not installed any BIOS update, as I don’t know which NUC model to choose? Nucleus SSD replacement steps.pdf says: starting from Step #3 onward (do not flash the BIOS)

It’s possible that Etcher has failed to prepare the USB stick correctly. Can you try this step again?

Hi @D.L ,

I would also suggest using a different USB drive (I have seen some that have failed) and try to use Rufus as well, in case that will help with the flashing. Also, you shouldn’t need to flash it before running Etcher/Rufus, as it would be formatted during the flashing process.

thanks @Geoff_Coupe and @noris

it seems like its etcher that fails. I can’t see the USB drive after its flashed.
Unfortunately there is no rufus for mac. I tried another application with no success.
I even tried Macs Terminal but only an empty line appears after its inserted in the nucleus.

I don’t see any options in etcher.

I tried a lot of different Mac software for making bootable sticks.
Also unzipped the img.gz into a .img
Any ideas? is there another way - maybe to install it from the internet when the nucleus is wired with ethernet?

Erm, are you saying that you first use Etcher to create the USB stick content, and then you make the USB stick bootable? That’s not what you do. Just use Etcher (or Rufus)…

No. I tried different software like UNetbootin (and there are others for Mac) as etcher didn’t work with three different sticks.
UUByte seems to be the only one that gives you options but I don’t wanna buy it if it’s not working 100%.
Any chance that the “roonbox-linuxx64-nuc4-usb-factoryreset.img.gz” doesn’t work with my nucleus?

I didn’t get an answer if there is another way than using a bootable stick?

Nope - this is the ROCK Installer image and it will work with the Nucleus.

Nope - it has to be done from a bootable USB stick holding the ROCK Installer.

No idea what is going on with your setup, I’m afraid, perhaps @support will have other ideas.

BTW - are you sure that UNetbootin is designed to handle img files? It seems to want iso files?

Are you sure your PC is set to boot from UEFI and not Legacy? It might be that the BIOS settings from an older machine are Legacy. Try setting it to UEFI, if it is not already.

I asked a friend to download rufus and brun the iso to a stick and made three different versions, x64, FAT, FAT32 / x32 BIOS and UEFI. Same result “reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selceted boot device and press a key”

Is there anything else broken and not the SSD?

If I wanted to update the nucleus BIOS which one is it on the intel website? its a nuc7i3dnb

I came across this: Nucleus no longer found on my network - #13 by Christopher_Harr

same problem, no solution in this thread. This is ridiculous

Got it. I had to long press the power button to boot it into BIOS mode and disable safe mode as well as change it to UEFI

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