Nucleus Rev B stopped booting - Need help with re-flashing firmware (ref#NMQDCW)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus Rev B

Description of Issue

Dear Roon colleagues,

I have been using a Roon Nucleus Rev. B for a few years now. Today the device stopped booting. Connecting the Nucleus to a monitor showed that the Nucleus cannot find its boot device. A search in the Roon forum made it clear that the fault is probably with the operating system SSD. I have ordered a new SSD Transcendend TS128GMTE110S (as installed), which I will install myself after delivery. This will probably be next Tuesday.

How can we proceed so that you can re-flash the Nucleus firmware? What do I have to prepare apart from the installation?

I look forward to your feedback.

Best regards


RAM & Internal Storage

RAM 16 GB; Internal Storage: Not quite sure. I guess its 2 TB.

Connected Audio Devices

Trinnov Amethyst connected via Ethernet cable.

Home Network Details

Upstream: Nucleus > Netgear ProSAFE GS108PE Switch > Router Fritz!Box 7590; Downstream: Router Fritz!Box 7590 > Netgear ProSAFE GS108PE Switch > AQVOX Audiophile Switch (D-Link 108) > Trinnov Amethyst; All components are connected via audioquest ethernet cable.

Note that you’ll need a USB drive for this process that you can connect to a computer, and then the Nucleus.

Here is a short video on how to replace the SSD on your device: Nucleus SSD replacement.mp4

After that, you’ll need to format the SSD. Roon Labs has a good help article you can find here for next steps. Start from step #3 :

Essentially, you’ll be flashing the ROCK OS to a USB drive, and using it to boot and format the new SSD in your Nucleus.

Once you’ve successfully flashed ROCK onto the new SSD, keep your Nucleus online and let @support know. From there, they can update you to the Nucleus OS on their end. :+1:

Any questions, post here in this thread.


Thank you Geoff. That still sounds like a bit of effort. I’ll wait for the SSD I ordered first. I’ll get back to you after the procedure, or during it if necessary.

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Done! All worked well. Thanks again, Geoff, for the instructions.

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Flagging @support for you; they will follow up with you here.

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Hi @Klaus_Dakena,

I will follow up via PM with next steps! Thank you for the helpful info here @Geoff_Coupe :pray: