Nucleus+ review in Darko

As usual with Darko reviews/reviewers, mostly a preamble about his past in the hifi world and what his current system is; after that it’s full of vague poetics. Oh yeah, and using the Nucleus+ is better than using a computer.

Interestingly, according to the Darko reviewer the $2900 Sonore Signature Series Rendu doesn’t sound its best unless one uses a $700 Wirewolrd Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable.

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Statements like the comment about the USB cable make you wonder how much these companies are paying him to shill for them… :roll_eyes:

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That’s the problem with all reviewers who accept adverts on their site.

Also, his article also miss-states the Nucleus+ as having 128GB SSD. Roon needs to get that information fixed (not just with Darko, but for all reviewers that might parrot out the original marketing materials that were incorrect).

And while much of what Darko says needs to be taken with a grain of salt, I have no doubt that he actually really likes and prefers Roon for music managment…

I never read Darko for the reviews, but simply to see what’s new. HiFi porn and all that.



I suspected as much…

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Against my better judgement, I’ll chime in here on behalf of Steve Plaskin.

It’s very clear from the website banner ads who sponsors the site and who does not.

AudioQuest do. Wireworld do not. Intona do not.

If you have evidence that Wireworld, AQ or Intona have paid Steven Plaskin, cash or otherwise, to ‘shill’ (your word) their cables, then please, let’s see it.


Hi @xxx

Where does Steve Plaskin say that the “Sonore Signature Series Rendu doesn’t sound its best unless one uses a $700 Wirewolrd Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable.” ?

I’ll help you out. He doesn’t.

He says: “I did find the Sonore unit to be somewhat sensitive to USB cables. The Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2.0 sounded bright to me when used with the Signature Rendu SE. I preferred the sound of the Intona Reference and the AudioQuest Diamond USB.”


Love what you do, John. For every crank there are lots of us who really learn and benefit from your stuff!


Yep, misread the comment. Must have happened B.C., Before Coffee.

Does it really matter? Intona Reference is $379 for 1 meter and AudioQuest Diamond is $549 for .75 meter. No matter who makes the cables, that’s a lot of money to improve an already $3000 device.

You guys that run ad sponsored websites are all alike. You never met a piece of audio equipment/software you didn’t like.

Want to do a service? Steer people away from overpriced or faulty equipment. I suspect that will never happen as that might impact your pool of potential advertisers.

In case you think I paint all reviewers with the same brush, Archimago is my goto guy.

Faulty equipment? Like what?

Exactly. You must have over the years encountered some equipment that was below standards or simply overpriced for what it does. Yet, never see anything to that effect.

Competent digital cables at any price level do not possess sound qualities, bar none. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not doing legitimate testing and instead has an overactive imagination.



I’ve never reviewed a piece of faulty equipment but, as you need to coffee in order not to make basic comprehension errors, I’ll make more explicit things that usually require close attention from readers.

This year I lost an advertiser because I favourably compared another manufacturer’s product to his own. He didn’t like that one bit.

Last year I lost an advertiser because they didn’t dig my somewhat lukewarm reception to their DAC.

This kind of thing happens all the time. I see it as rolling with the punches.


You mean you never wrote a review about same
You deflected my basic complaint about positive comments for overpriced cables, but that’s OK.

Have a good life.

About ‘same’? Pour that man a coffee!

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You’re right. That’s my mistake for not catching it when subbing. Now corrected.


You should paint all reviewers with the same brush

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For the record, I purchased all 3 USB cables under discussion. None were given to me.

Dr. Steven Plaskin

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