Nucleus+ review in Stereophile

Here is a link to an interesting review of the Nucleus+ by Kal Rubinson (@mitr on the Roon community site), with a focus on the processing of hi-rez multichannel files. This is the second review of the Nucleus by Stereophile, following a John Atkinson review found here. Kal concludes his piece by stating with a caveat that “Actually, the Nucleus+ is the ideal multichannel Roon player for everyone. It meets with finesse all reasonable needs of the demanding listener.”

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…and what about the unreasonable demands? Seriously, I understand writing this drivel, but where is the editor?

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Who cares about unreasonable demands?

Who defines them?

I expect Roon do, it’s their platform and equipment…

While I can’t speak for @mitr, my guess is that he was saying for the vast majority of people the Nucleus+ will perform admirably. On the other hand, he pokes a little fun at himself by saying that only an “obsessive critic” would require playback with “six-channel DSD256 or 24/352.8 files with DSP, conversions, and convolutions.” Pretty clear, I think.


Gosh that doesn’t sound like anyone on this forum.

Agreed. We are all above average here.