Nucleus running really slow

I have a Nucleus+ with an 8Tb SSD (Micron 5210 ION (7680Go, 2.5")) inside which is running super slow. My network seem to be fine and when I access the SSD through SS through the folder on Mac, speed is quite good which makes me believe there must be something with my Roon set-up.

Could be worth checking the physical connections from the Nucleus through to your router/modem

Hi @Christophe_Lambinet,

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “running really slow”? Does playback take a while to start? Is the UI laggy / slow?

How many tracks do you have total in your library?

Are you experiencing this will all remotes and/or endpoints?

Hi Dylan, playback take a while to start, when I add files to my library (file copy is fast via smb) but it takes long for the Roon to process them (top right wheel show slow progress on identification and track analysis). Identify album is also very slow.

I have roughly 86k tracks. I experience this slowness with all endpoints.

I just restarted Nucleus Roon server and it’s seems better know, but keep thinking there is stag weird with the speed my endpoints communicate with the server.

Hello @Christophe_Lambinet, could you please elaborate on your network setup and how things are connected? Also, does the library scan continue to make progress or is it stuck?