Nucleus Security - File Access

I have a Nucleus+ with a 4TB drive installed for my library. I noticed that there is no security at all on the the Nucleus+, i.e. its system file storage and the installed drive are fully accessible to anyone with access to the local wifi network. This would allow anyone to read, write or delete data either on purpose or by mistake. Obviously, the answer is to limit access to the home wifi to only trusted people, and have a guest network available for others. But this seems like a significant security flaw. Is there any way to address this in the current product, or is this a feature request for the future?


That is the current status. If you search you will find feature requests and discussions.

Hi @HeavyMetalDrummer,

This is currently how the Nucleus is designed to be accessed over the network, but I’d recommend adding your voice to this feature request if this is something you’d like to see in the future.


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A good reason to make sure you have backup’s of Roon as well as your music.

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