Nucleus Seems Dead

Last week, my Nucleus+ was functioning perfectly. Today, it appears to be utterly dead. The power light does not illuminate. The LED port on my Cisco switch does not illuminate.

It makes no difference whether I plug the power cord into my Shunyata Hydra or directly into the wall outlet. I even tried powering up with another 19V 3A power supply I had available. Still it is dead.
There haven’t been any power surges in my neighborhood in the past week.

My unit is less than six weeks old. What is the next step?

(By the way, when I first installed my Nucleus+, I noticed the On Light did not turn on immediately as it should have and only did after tapping it three or four times.)

Where did you buy it? That’s probably the first place to start.

Hi @Jonathan_Meyers,

Apologies for the trouble here! So we can assist you, I was hoping you could provide the following information:

  • Where was this device purchased?
  • When was this device purchased?
  • Around the time when this stopped working, were there any changes to the setup (new power supply, new drive attached, etc.)?

Starting out, I was hoping you could try the follwing:

  • Disconnect everything from the Nucleus. Reconnect only the power supply. After doing so and pressing the power button — Does the power light become lit?
  • Now connect the Ethernet cable. Does the Ethernet port light up?
  • Try accessing the Nucleus Web Administration Interface. Are you able to access this?
  • Connect the Nucleus to a monitor or TV via HDMI. When doing so, try powering on the device and confirm if you see anything on the screen.


Purchased three weeks ago from my authorized dealer. It just suddenly died; there weren’t any configuration changes. Nothing can revive it — it’s just cold, dead metal. It doesn’t light up, nor does the port of my switch.

My dealer accepted its return and ordered me a replacement.

By the way, the first Nucleus+ I purchased was also returned. A component had separated from the circuit board and was rattling around inside!

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