Nucleus seems not to connect, no sound perceived

Hi! Just wanted to share my experience with connecting to my core with Nucleus today. I’ve had the Nucleus for nearly a week now and for the first time I’ve had a hard time playing music in any of my zones i.e. I saw a blue bar going from left to right rapidly on my Mac Pro including my iPhone. I then turned the Nucleus off, waited for a minute then turned it back on then problem resolved. Please let me know why this is happening, perhaps a faulty unit? Thanks.

Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

It’s hard to say exactly what might have happened here, but typically this type of issue might occur if there is a communication issue with the endpoint or a networking error on the device, not a hardware issue.

Were you playing to the default outputs of these devices, or were they both playing to the same audio endpoint?

In the future, if you were to see anything like this happen again, it would be good to know if it’s limited to streaming content like TIDAL/Qobuz or if it also occurs with local media.

Thanks, I got the same blue bar on all devices so yeah you’re right it’s likely to be a streaming issue with Tidal, I don’t have any local content. Anyway good to know it’s not a hardware issue. Cheers!