Nucleus shows weiss dac uncertified

It should be roon ready. But still can’t play.

Hi @Dick_Chong ,

Can you confirm the specific model of the DAC?

Is the DAC on the latest firmware version?

Have you tried rebooting the device and Nucleus?

Yes.the model is weiss dac502 with latest firmware. And just update roon core 1.8. The problem still exists. I can contect via USB only.

Hello @Dick_Chong,

It is likely that you need to update the firmware on the Weiss DAC502 in order to get the correct Roon Ready code.

Enter the IP address of your DAC502 in a browser and then scroll down to the firmware section of the page. Ensure that your DAC is running the latest firmware.



The DAC502 is carrying with latest firmware as shown below.

v2.3.1 r2637 2021-01-11 16:42:18+0100

And I’ve used other PC as roon core and it shows Weiss DAC is unceritifed as well, but it works. I just wanna know how to get it through by using nucleus and what is the tested version number for Weiss DAC,

Many thanks.