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I’m having trouble with my Nucleus+ rebooting. If I ever have to restart the Nucleus, it may take anywhere where from several minutes to a couple of days to complete its restart.

While booting, I’m unable to connect to the device via a browser and there is no video output on either HDMI port.

I’ve seen on other post this may be an indication of a failing boot SSD drive.

Is there a way to check the condition of that drive or file system?

If this is an early indication of a failing drive, I’d like to replace it ASAP. I’m concerned the device just won’t come back and I’ll have a bricked Nucleus. I’d also like to prevent having to send the device in for repair, if possible.

Jay Kempton

Library size?
Storage type - SSD NAS ?
Network details

All will help with informed advice :sunglasses:

Thank you.

Library size is right under 10,000 songs.
Storage is whatever SSD drive Roon uses from the factory for a Nucleus+. I do have a Samsung 860 4TB drive for music storage installed in the Nucleus+. No problems with the Samsung.
Network is unremarkable. Akronis POE 24 port gig switch. Nucleus+ is connected directly to the home LAN.

I am not aware of a means to check the SSD, but it’s easy to change.

If you connect a monitor on HDMI can you see anything ? , if not it probably hardware. You should see a boot screen

Where is the Nucleus on guarantee, if it’s expired a 256gb SSD Is relatively cheap and can be swapped out easily , it’s literally one tiny screw,

You can then treat the Nucleus as a NUC and install ROCK to get going. Roon techs will remote in an install the true Nucleus OS once it’s working. ROCK is not quite the same OS.

There is a detailed ROCK install guide, the Nucleus is just a NUC in a fancy case with fancy OS

Okay, very good. NO output on either HDMI when its in this extended boot process. Purchased in 2020, so I think I’m out of warrantee. I’m more than willing to replace the boot SSD. Does ROON have any SSD recommendations for a 256gb SSD? Brand and model?

What is #support:nucleus-support thoughts on an SSD recommendation to replace a failing Nucleus+ boot drive?

Samsung is normally a good bet , my big SSD is Crucial because I couldn’t get Samsung . that has been fine, I think my 256 is Kingston

I am no expert but I suspect there’s little between the big name brands

Thanks, Mike.

Any recommendations from @support ?

Hey @Jay_Kempton,

Can you connect a monitor to it via HDMI and see what is being displayed on the screen? Just take a photo and post here if you would.

If nothing is on the screen, it could be a failing motherboard but please do attempt to power cycle it and see what we can find out based on what is displayed.


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