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I’ve just purchased a Nucleus+. After setting up all the connections, the Nucleus+ presents as one of the core choices below the original Mac Mini I have been using. There is a green dot with the words “update required”. When I select the “connect” button the message “checking for an update…” appears. No update occurs even after one hour.

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Hi Roger,

Welcome to the community.

What you need to do is determine the IP address of your Nucleus and enter it into your browser which should connect you to the Nucleus Web Interface.

From there, click on Reinstall next to Operating System.

Cheer, Greg

Hi Greg,

I’ve reinstalled the operating system version 1 (build 175). Still no change.


Can you try and reboot the Nucleus and try again.

Also, can you post a screenshot of the Web UI?

No change after reboot.

Hey @roger_sillence

Welcome to our Roon Community, we’re happy to have you here. I’m sorry to see that you first visit was prompted by a problem.

Can you tell us how your Nucleus is connected to your network? It seems that there’s something interfering with your update attempt.

Let’s start by a full hard reboot of your Core and Router: power down, unplug both, wait a couple minutes, plug back in.

Next, please try to reinstall Roon OS. When fully updated your Nucleus should display build 227 stable for OS and Version 1.8 build 884 stable for Server Software.

Please give this a try and let us know if this helps. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Hello Jamie,

The Nucleus+ is connected by an Ethernet cable directly to port 3 on my router. It displays a Private IP address as (DHCP) and a MAC address as 54:B2:03:9C:3F:EB. Connection status shows as “connected” and the device name as NucleusPlus. I have disabled the firewall.

I have performed the full hard reboot and tried to reinstall Roon OS. Although a message is shown as a successful update, it is still showing Version 1.0 (build 175) for the OS and version 1.6(build 416) for the Roon Server Software.

Hi @roger_sillence ,

We’ve made some server-side changes regarding the update process today, can you please try to use the Reinstall button once more and let us know if it’s working now? Thanks!

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That’s done the trick. Updated properly this time, and everything is working as expected. Thanks for sorting it out.


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