Nucleus+ Speeds Comparison. PLEASE POST YOURS

I posted my DSP speeds in the Signal Path thread and was informed by a fellow contributor that their i5 processor shows better numbers. I thought it would be wise to create a thread so that Nucleus+ users can compare numbers. Here are mine:
USB to Oppo UDP-205:
DSD512: 1.3x
DSD256: 2.5x
DSD128: 5.1x
DSD64: 10x
PCM^2: 36.7x

RAAT WiFi to Oppo UDP-205:
PCM^2: 35.1x
PCM Max Rate (24/192): 26.5x

Those speeds are with Precise, Linear Phase Filter. If I switch it to Smooth, Minimum Phase Filter the PCM Max Rate jumps to 80.1x

Filter selection does not change the DSD speeds.

My Nucleus+ is rather loud in its steady state (can hear it at least 1 meter away and from 3 meters on a quiet morning) and I am trying to figure out why. Any troubleshooting I can do on my own seems necessary. Thanks in advance for contributing!

Nucleus has no fans, spinning disks, or moving parts of any kind …

Wouldn’t this be better posted in #support:nucleus-support?

I am well aware of that.

Do you own a Nucleus+? If you do, listen to it when it analyzes files. It makes noises… That is understandable. But when my Nucleus+ is no longer analyzing and is just “on”, it makes repetitive high frequency sounds as if it is stuck. I am trying to troubleshoot why this is because it doesn’t seem like it would be normal and should be a silent device.

I don’t suppose this thread details the same issue? If yours is updated, presumably not, but thought it worth flagging as it had lodged in my memory…

Running a Nucleus. It’s on 24/7. I can tell you there zero noise coming from it. Sounds like there is a problem with your +. Contact support.

Thank you. I have posted in that thread and it got yanked from support And put into its own ticket… Support was rather unhelpful and abandoned the ticket. I am reaching out to my fellow community members to help me troubleshoot this issue.

The sound went away for five days after I did a complete reinstall of my library database… but then it came back.

I was hoping perhaps a difference in processing speeds is something I could help troubleshoot with. I have no idea what it is at this point. Even when it is completely unplugged from the network and is just plugged in with its wall wart it makes this repetitive noise. So I tried a different outlet, tried grounding the wall wart with an extension… but no luck.

I thought my issue was the same based on that thread, but it seems support feels that since that issue was solved, I must not have an issue. They advised I move it to a lower shelf to mask the sound. It was when I moved it to a top shelf that I noticed the sound.

Sorry it wasn’t of any help. I don’t have a Nucleus…I’ve heard similar sounds from different SMPSs but I’m assuming it’s not coming from the PSU? Hopefully someone might he able to help out.

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That’s not my take on … the last post in that topic is …

If the issue has returned, you should reengage with Roon’s support team.

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Thanks Carl,

I will update that ticket and we can go from there.

NOW: back to the title of the thread. Do any Nucleus+ owners wanna post your DSP Speeds? :blush:

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I’m using a regular Nucleus.
Upsampling 16/44.1 to 32/705 shows 11.5 power usage.
Upsampling 26/44.1 to DSD128 shows 5.9.
Upsampling 16/45.1 to 32/705 plus a convolution filter with 525k taps shows 3.0.

EDIT I did that only for you.
I normally don’t do upsampling, my DACs do it by themselves, haven’t noticed any advantage of letting Roon do it.

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It’s likely coil whine which is a typical noise from a PC motherboard. Most PC manufacturers ignore it because the noise is less than the overall noise generated by fans, etc. However, in a passively cooled PC like a Nucleus it can be annoying. Roon should look into this and probably rethink the NUC version they’re using for the Nucleus+. It doesn’t seem to be a problem on the standard Nucleus.

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Why is this a problem with the Nucleus + vis the Nucleus?

Well, if people’s Nucleus and Nucleus+ are dead quiet then there isn’t an issue with how they are constructed. Hopefully my issue gets resolved. I updated my support ticket, so I am sure they will look into it.

I am still interested on folks’ DSP speeds though!

I have a regular Nucleus (Rev. B) and mine is dead silent. I didn’t even think it could make a sound on its own because there are no moving parts inside. :thinking:

And I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks put their ear to their Nucleus and find out it makes noise during startup and/or library analysis. Mind you, mine is louder than my solid state MacBook Pro!

Sorry, I mispoke. I meant it doesn’t appear to be a problem on the 1st gen Nucleus. I haven’t been following this assiduously, but I have seen several reports of noise coming from Nuclei. Since these machines have no moving parts, it almost certainly will be coil whine. Unless it’s imaginary, what else could it be?

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I think you are correct, David, and I think it is a design issue.

I say this because Roon support has said that while it is not common, there is nothing they will do about it and that they never recommend keeping the Nucleus in the listening environment because it makes noise—even though the Nicleus white paper contradicts this statement.

They suggest I get a Roon Bridge which will be better than my USB connection (but then I would lose DSD upsampling) and move my Nucleus out of the room.

I have already given them $2,700. The last thing I am going to do is spend more money to fix a problem that others don’t seem to be experiencing.

That’s not good enough at all. It’s a fanless system designed for hifi it should not be emiting any noise. If support have said that then I am truly horrified. My £525 fanless i7 system that runs Rock as well as any Nucleus makes no noise at all so a £2000+ one shouldn’t either especially since it designed with one purpose in mind. @danny surely this can’t be what support are saying to customers with this issue.


Hehe, yeah. Not what I thought I was buying. It is the only thing in my living room system that makes noise. I think it is funny as I stand at my stereo rack to clean and flip LPs that the Nucleus is the only thing making noise, and I am not even doing anything with it, yet the device with the most moving parts is silent.