Nucleus+ spluttered then died

Yesterday afternoon, after months of utter pain free use (I got the Nucleus Plus - Rev B - in December 2021) some tracks inexplicably paused. Then restarted. Then spluttered a bit. Then Paused again. I could skip a track forward, but then the same thing would happen again.

I restarted the Nucleus+ - nothing - restarted the Naim Streamer - Nothing.

This morning I cant see the core at all in the Roon app from my phone or from my Mac. I can’t connect to it in any way.

Its powered on. Both network lights are flashing. I’ve tried plugging the HDMIs into a screen to maybe see what’s going on - nothing - although the TV seems to know something is plugged in. I have an Samsung AVO 8Tb SSD onboard, and obviously the integrity of that is what I’m most worried about.

I’m kind of at a loss as to what to try next to establish the status… And appreciate this isn’t a lot to go on, but I appear to have a brick with lights - so options are limited!

Has the Nucleus+ failed? …its still under warranty I guess.

It sounds like the m.2 SSD is failing; I suspect that your 8TB SSD is OK.

Did you buy the Nucleus direct from Roon or via a dealer? If the latter, then return it to the dealer for repair or replacement under the 2 year warranty. If you confirm that it was bought direct from Roon, then someone from the Support team will respond in this thread and begin the RMA process.

For either route, I would advise you to remove the 8TB SSD before returning the Nucleus. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks - that was my theory - so it’s great to get a clear opinion that backs that up.

Something that backs this up further - that I should have mentioned - was that I was listening to Tidal via Roon yesterday - so the music on the 8TB wasn’t being touched by playback.

I’ll contact my dealer - and get a replacement. And yes - keep the 8Tb SSD safe until then!


I hope you also have a backup of the roon database :wink:


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