Nucleus SSD Replaced - Still not booting

Roon Server Machine

Roon Nucleus Rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Nucleus Connected by Ethernet to Centrylink C4000BZ Modem

Connected Audio Devices

Western Digital 8TB Hard Drive connected by USB

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

My Nucleus stopped working about a month ago and would not find my Roon Server. After researching the Community Forum I concluded that my SSD had stopped working. The symptoms it was showing were:
Power Cycling - Power button was pushed, white light would come on, Ethernet green and amber light would flash through a number of times (20-40), power light, machine would shut down (power light off) and the process would begin again on a continuous loop.
Connecting to HDMI & USB Fail - I tried connecting the unit to an HDMI monitor & a USB keyboard and nothing would show on my monitor. I tried both a stand alone computer monitor and my television monitor trying multiple HDMI inputs. Nothing would show up no the screen.
Concluding that the SSD might be the cause I did the following.
Installed new SSD - Transparent NVMe128 PCI (recommended by Community Post) Transparent SSD was the OEM spec in the machine
“Successfully” Flashed a new, blank USB Flash Drive with the ROCK OS download using Etcher software.
Attached Nucleus to my HDMI Monitor and USB keyboard.
Plugged in the newly flashed USB Flash drive
Started Nucleus, while pressing F10 on the keyboard

NOTHING SHOWS ON MONITOR to direct the boot sequence to the USB Flash Drive

I’m at a loss on where to go next. If it’s not the SSD what could it be? (Motherboard?)
Not being able to have anything show on a monitor and your dead in the water.

A month without a working unit on a paid Roon subscription is beyond frustrating.

Suggestions on a solution?

I’ve moved this to the specific Nucleus Support section so that Roon support will pick up the topic

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Hi @Mike_Swafford ,

Thanks for your message.

This is an indication of a motherboard/BIOS issue, unfortunately, not an SSD issue. We will need to proceed with an RMA on the unit, I will follow up via private message (green notification in top right of this forum), please let me know your purchase details there so that we can open an RMA ticket on your behalf. Thanks!

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