Nucleus stopped responding

Roon Core Machine

nucleus rev b

Networking Gear & Setup Details

connected directly to network

Connected Audio Devices

USB connection to Schiit Yggdrasil

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon clients cannot connect to Roon as of this morning. Rebooted, checked everything. Machine has an IP address (verified on router). Does not load Web up either.

Symptoms match similar reports in which the SSD is at fault (in case that rings a bell)

Can you attach a monitor or TV to the HDMI connector on the Nucleus? What messages are displayed?

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Hi Geoff!

I get the “usual”… Roon OS Web UI can be directly accessed at: [url]

I do have a happy update, thou: I opened the unit, disconnected secondary drive, reconnected, made sure everything was reseated,… and now it works. I’ll chalk it off to a Gremlin.

Thanks for the prompt response!

Good to hear - let us know if the gremlin resurfaces…

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