Nucleus Storage Requirement Question

When you say the Nucleus can support up to 10,000 albums does that include music ripped to my NAS and Qobuz and Tidal?

Yes. It’s not so much where you’re getting the music from and where you stored it (e.g. streaming services vs external usb drive vs nas vs …), it’s about that it impacts Roon’s database.

Thank you sir!

Nucleus as it ships has no internal storage for music, only for the roon database.

Also note that the Roon database includes in its count of tracks all streaming music service tracks added to the library

My Nucleus+ with 140.000 tracks.

110.000 “local” and around 30.000 from Tidal/Qobuz. Same size for database on both Nucleus and Nucleus+. You can easily have far more than 100.000 tracks on a normal Nucleus (depends on number of users and if you use complex DSP).

I have a Nucleus (non +) with 270K tracks of which maybe 5-10% are streaming sources - Its a backup Core not primary. Its got 12GB of RAM and main music library is on my Windows 10 internal 16TB drive.

Also no DSP or upsampling and it does run fine when its in play as I do so from time to time. I also upgraded the Nucleus SATA 64GB SSD to a 128GB M.2 NVMe which did improve the speed some amount. Locally attached USB music library will be the next level of backup. Maybe when SSD get affordable in the 16TB realm.

You have a Nucleus with 12GB of RAM?

Do you mean a NUC instead?

No I mean a Nucleus…just opened it up and put some more RAM in, its just a NUC in a nice case but the Roon Nucleus OS is a little different but nothing a true geek cant deal with :wink:

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I added a 4GB chip in mine for a total of 8GB. I was able to find the exact same chip on Amazon.

Far out.

So it’s your back up core? I think I inferred from your previous reply to the other guy that your primary core is on Windows? I may have gotten that wrong.

What are the specs on your primary Roon core? Must be one heck of a machine to deal with 270k tracks and running Windows

Intel i7-7700 16GB ram 256GB SSD for OS and 16TB for music storage. Fanless chassis and LMPS both HDPLEX. It runs headless (via MS Remote Desktop) and only runs Roon Sever. It performs most adequately but as noted I don’t upsample or do much DSP even tho it can do it up to DSD512 I prefer how native rates sound.

I got a good deal on the Nucleus (rev A) about a year ago for US$1K and was primarily intended to be a Roon zone for my HT via HDMI output for multi channel and USB connection to the HT internal DAC for 2 channel.

I’ve also used an intel NUC 7i7BNH in fanless case too with ROCK and several MAC based core setups in the 5 years of Roon lifetime.

I like to play with computers and servers and audio stuff too so Roon is like my sandpit :smiley:

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That’s awesome!

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