Nucleus+ stuck on power-up

So after updating to the latest build, I noticed an odd behavior. I added some new albums to the collection, and I noticed Roon initially added them but then they immediately disappeared. Then the system locked up entirely. I rebooted through the web interface, and it’s been a solid 20 minutes now that it’s been looking for the Core. This doesn’t seem normal–usually my Mac app finds it in under 30 seconds and my iOS apps even faster. Any ideas? I have an internal 8TB SSD and an external 8TB SSD attached.

Hey @Syd_Schwartz – is this still happening for you? I can enable diagnostics and take a look, let me know!

Thanks for following up Kevin. The Nucleus+ seemed totally stuck and other than network traffic light on the CAT5 cable, I couldn’t discern anything happening, though the unit was rather warm to the touch. I decided to power it down, remove all attached cables (network, HDMI, and USB), and allow to sit for a solid hour or so. While the unit was in cooldown, I rebooted router, switches, and WiFi—basically a “fresh start” for the entire home network.
At that point, I plugged the Nucleus+ back in and started it up. Same issue, but I decided to let it run overnight and see if anything changed. Next morning there was no apparent change, but I did see that the external USB SSD drive was showing some activity so I decided to remain patient. After another 12 hours, I power cycled the Nucleus+ one last time and was rewarded with the familiar Home screen. After a brief victory dance, I went back to the Mac that I use to “push” new content to the internal SSD and basically undid the last batch transfer and ran it again. The new albums loaded without issue.
So whatever digital gremlins brought everything to its knees seem—at least for the time being—to be at bay.
Now that I have everything running, is there any additional maintenance you’d recommend or other steps to ensure an ongoing, smooth operation?
My thanks,

I’ll take it! Glad you’re back up and running.

You bet, turn on automatic backups. :+1:

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