Nucleus stuck on Roon 1.8, but remote updated to 2.0

Roon 2.0 works on Nucleus, any version. I have no idea why you would get Roon 1.8 Legacy. Were you already on Roon 2.0 or still on Roon 1.8 when you got Legacy? If you were still on Roon 1.8, it could be an indication that Roon is getting ready to pull the plug on 1.8 (non-Legacy). IDK.

So is legacy 1.8 working on your nucleus or not. The title of your post suggests not but it is not clear if that is what you want solved or if you just want to update to 2.0

Btw legacy 1.8 is pretty much the same as the 1.8 you had before so legacy 1.8 is unlikely to be the problem.

There seems to be multiple reports of Nucleus updating to 1.8 Legacy rather than 2.0. Some even indicate their Nucleus “updated” from 2.0 to 1.8 Legacy!

Something wonky seems to be going on with Nucleus updates for some owners. :thinking:


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Not working anymore…
Roon_2-0 file rename as roon (with content Production) still updates to 1.8 version.
They screwed-up… Roon team, please fix this quickly. (hint, read Git for dummies, might help :-))

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