Nucleus takes 10 attempts to boot, no HDMI output

My roon gets disconnected every time there is a power outage in my area. At first I could reconnect it by turning the unit off and then back on. Now it takes more than 10 attempts to do it. I can see the power button backlight flickering and after few seconds it goes off. However, the ethernet jack lights remain on. During this situation there is nothing coming out from the HDMI when is connected to a screen. Also, it does not show up in my home network when I enter the IP address in my computer. I purchased my Roon Nucleus Plus back in July 2021 and the retailer only sent my with Roon customer service that I do not find on the web. Please, I need assistance.

It would normally be dealt with by the dealer you purchased it from.
However it sounds like they are not being too helpful and it may also just be out of warranty.
Let’s tag @support for you here as if you now cannot find it on your network it sounds pretty drastic and will likely require some parts to fix.
Possibly a new ssd that contains the Roon os.
Depending how handy you are this is a task you could accomplish yourself.

If you give me directions, I can try to fix it myself.

Hi @Juan_Malpartida ,

Thanks for reaching out. It’s hard to say what the issue is based on your symptoms, but I suspect it might be with the SSD or with the Nucleus bootup process.

If you want to eliminate the SSD as a possible point of failure, you can purchase a Transcend 110S, and then follow the ROCK install guide starting from step #3 onward:

If the SSD is the issue and everything is working after, you can log in to the Core and we can remotely upgrade ROCK back to Nucleus for you.

If this does not resolve the issue, we would need to gather RMA details from you and take a look at the unit in our service center.

Please note that you are right on the edge of the 2-year warranty, and if it has expired before you reached out to us, there will be an out-of-warranty fee.

Thanks for your message. I got the RMA a week ago and now my unit is under repair.

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